Exhibition Crawl: Manchester Craft & Design Centre

Magic Carpet The ‘Magic Carpet’ exhibition by Dr Kai Syng Tan, showcases a large-scale tapestry which was digitally hand drawn and then woven by machine. The tapestry, made by digitally woven wool and cotton, focuses on the idea of neurodiversity, ADHD and mind-wandering and portrays the artist’s restless and busy mind. The piece was wovenContinue reading “Exhibition Crawl: Manchester Craft & Design Centre”

Exhibition Crawl: The Portico Library

Talking Sense: The changing vocabulary of mind and brain The exhibition ‘Talking Sense: The changing vocabulary of mind and brain’ includes fifty artworks in paint, film, drawing, sculpture and print, by fifty different artists. In the exhibition, fifty artworks are paired with fifty phrases, created by jumbling the contents of the DSM’s (Diagnostic and StatisticalContinue reading “Exhibition Crawl: The Portico Library”

Contextual studies project

Eco fashion – EDUN Founded in 2005 by Ali and Bono Hewson, EDUN’s ready to wear and accessory collections are based in New York. EDUN was intended to help bring about positive change in Africa through a fair trade-based relationship rather than by direct aid. The brand aims to increase trade and apparel manufacturing inContinue reading “Contextual studies project”

The Holden Gallery

Interruptions: Bryony Gillard and invited guests Slippery, Sticky, Wet Tonight I went to an event held by MMU’s Holden Gallery, of a screening programme curated by artist Bryony Gillard. The evening consisted of 6 short films, including: Sophie Mallett – Our Gelatinous Past, 2018,HD video; found footage, 19:06, colour, sound Jayne Parker – RX Recipe, 1980,16mm transferredContinue reading “The Holden Gallery”

SUBJECT MATTERS: The colour blue

Exhibition: ‘Indigo: A Blue To Dye For’ Curated by Dr Jennifer Harris, Curator of Textiles at the Whitworth, the varied fabric-based objects on display range from designs by William Morris to pieces by contemporary high fashion labels next to folk craft from Bangladesh and Nigeria. Indigo is a plant extract that has been in useContinue reading “SUBJECT MATTERS: The colour blue”


Dutch designer Bart Hess has produced some really interesting work over the years. His immersive installation ‘Caged’ (2013) was created by a 360 projection at La Gaité Lyrique, Paris. The grid of soundpanels on the walls of the exhibition space served as the skeleton of an imaginary sharkcage-like experience. The visitors are attacked by aContinue reading “NAMES TO KNOW: BART HESS”


Machiko Agano, a Japanese master weaver artist, is widely known for her intricate textural structures.  Each structure is tailored to the specific space in which it is exhibited.  The majority of her works use fishing line or natural colored silk and steel wire to allow the space to become part of the exhibit itself.  ItContinue reading “NAMES TO KNOW: MACHIKO AGANO”

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