Exhibition Crawl: The Portico Library

Talking Sense: The changing vocabulary of mind and brain The exhibition ‘Talking Sense: The changing vocabulary of mind and brain’ includes fifty artworks in paint, film, drawing, sculpture and print, by fifty different artists. In the exhibition, fifty artworks are paired with fifty phrases, created by jumbling the contents of the DSM’s (Diagnostic and StatisticalContinue reading “Exhibition Crawl: The Portico Library”


Dutch designer Bart Hess has produced some really interesting work over the years. His immersive installation ‘Caged’ (2013) was created by a 360 projection at La Gait√© Lyrique, Paris. The grid of soundpanels on the walls of the exhibition space served as the skeleton of an imaginary sharkcage-like experience. The visitors are attacked by aContinue reading “NAMES TO KNOW: BART HESS”

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